• 5th Statewide Elocution Competition 2020

    @ Hyderabad, 400 schools participated
  • Join the Revolution

    Lead with Values

    Join the revolution to embark on a journey for the nation’s progress by contributing through PFI. Nations progress is possible by preparing leaders, practicing values and supporting infrastructure.
  • Construction of Library

    ZPHS Kodad

  • Statewide Elocution Competition 2019

    @ Hyderabad, 450 schools participated.

  • Statewide Elocution Competition 2018

    @ Hyderabad, 190 schools participated.

  • PFI Conference 2017 @ Wanaparthy

    Felicitations to Suraj Pabbathi, Founder of PFI, in return to the service done by PFI.

  • PFI Development Center

    @ Kamareddy.

  • Music Program by Suraj Pabbathi,

    Founder of PFI, in USA, raising funds for PFI.


Stand to serve through many opportunities by joining PFI to support other three pillars. Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the nation. Every person has an inborn worth and can contribute to the human community.

Youth Leadership Program

PFI fosters youth to evolve as competent leaders under the guidance of experienced professionals and emerge as power to address backlogs.


People hand in hand with unity, with respect for each other, with attitude of selflessness, with self-disciplined to society, with a motive of social service…. when we walk together on ideals, then there will be true progress of the nation. PFI introduces a book “Lead with Values” penned by Suraj Pabbathi in schools.

Support Infrastructure

Supporting infrastructure lasts for generations, does not go to any individual so it stays selfless and reaches many lives and used by any giving equal opportunity for everyone.

Donors shall be remembered every time it comes in use and motivates the society to be social

What we do

We work for the betterment of the society by building good leaders and good people. Make this place a better place to live.
Every one take birth and die, only few leave foot prints, let us build many who can leave foot prints.

Make Donation

It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute… that gives meaning to our lives.

Sponsor a school

Sponsoring a school is like developing a village.

Become a Volunteer

Extend your strengths for a better tomorrow.

Suppotr Our Charity

Keeping your eye on the ball while performing a deep

Current Events

Introduce Lead with Values Syllabus in Schools and Colleges A speech by Suraj Pabbathi.

Lead With Values - A book that shall
1. Teach Youth Leadership Program.
2. Instill Values
3. Enlighten Youth to do their best for your society.
0 People Impacted
High school students, School management, Volunteers and people who attend our awareness programs
0 Total Volunteers
School management, PFI Team members and Sponsors.
0 Infrastructure Projects
Rewarded the schools and society for conducting PFI programs successfully
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Registered with PFI conducting PFI programs

Recent Causes

Donate for supporting leadership programs and infrastructure. PFI fosters youth to evolve as competent leaders under the guidance of experienced professionals. Donate infrastructure, because infrastructure is not perishable, donors shall be remembered every time it comes in use and motivates the society to be social. Instruction: Each photo should point to open request from Sponsor List