There are different ways one can contribute in their capacity, to their interest, and for their country.

Come on! Take the pledge in devotion and Join the revolution to embark on a journey for the nation’s progress by contributing through any Portfolio / Role in PFI.

Apply through online [click here] or PFI Application for RoleDownload the application.

Regional HR  You are the organization’s recruiter, and you manage the process of inviting/introducing the prospective members and transforming those into members.

You shall build the org structure and guide influx of people to follow their roles and responsibilities.

Upon registration of new members your committee shall introduce them to the organization and conduct induction.

Central Vice President – Values You are the organization’Values Practice Head, and you manage the process of inviting the proposals for values/introduce the values to the members.

You shall build the values for the organization along with top management and guide the members to practice the values.

Upon practicing the values, your committee shall recognize the members.

Project Manager You manage a team to conduct an activity for the society. Either you can conduct an activity proposed by you or proposed by PFI.

An opportunity to Learn and Practice Leadership.

Writer As you know, “Pen is mightier than sword”. You will document the Projects, Website content, Articles for PFI. Your words shall inspire and motivate the people for doing a good turn for the society.  High
Event Manager You are the organizations event manager, responsible for meeting room preparations, provide reception to the people who participate in activities and events indoor and outdoor. Medium
Public Relations Associate You are the organizations link to the outside world, responsible for taking the Mission, advertising Activities to the People of India. We want as many PR associates.

You can manage/research/provide

Technology tools across the internet for easy communication with the people of India across the world

Notice Boards in Public places and Schools


Relations – Sponsor

You are the organizations link to the outside world,  you can spread the mission of PFI and attract the sponsors to support our events and activities. Medium
Activities associate You conduct and/or support the activities of PFI and take the mission into PFI. The activities can by any that shall lead to generate social consciousness of the society, support the individual growth and hence the nations’ growth.

The activities can be conducting elocution competition, youth leadership workshop, summits.

Project Manager – Arise*Awake You manage the program Arise*Awake that shall inspire youth across colleges and schools to imbibe leadership qualities, practice values. For more details write topeopleforindia@ymail.com High
Notice Board Manager You install the notice boards across the public places and build the network of people who can manage the notice boards to keep the current information. Medium