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Infrastructure is the foundation of economic development. Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world, we teach a generation, it will last for forever. For better future invest in a school. Better then feeding few people, better than adopting a child and in fact anything, adopt a school and see the economy grow.

Program Directors

Program Instructor

Program Youth Leader

Program Youth Leader

School Name Mandal Sponsor Name Link
ZPHS (B) BIBIPET Bibipet Smart Pro Kids Details
Zphs Uppalwai Ramareddy Vandana Bhrugumalla, California, USA Details
ZPHS (G) Ramareddy Ramareddy Shilpa Puli, New Jersey, USA Details
ZPHS Enkuru Badhrachalam Suman Gajavelly Details
ZPHS Reddypet Ramareddy Dinesh Tadepalli Details
ZPHS Dathaipally Mthurkapally Dinesh Tadepalli Details
ZPHS Irvin Madgul Suman Gajavelly Details
ZPHS Kalkonda Madgul Mahesh Pabba Details
ZPHS (B) Kodad Tata Consultancy Services Details

In-Active Sponsor A School

School Name Mandal Sponsor Name Link
ZPHS (G) BIBIPET Bibipet Sreenivas Vemula Details
ZPHS JALALPUR BRamaram Sharvani Tota Details