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Hima Pabbathi

HIma Bindu is hardworking, perfectionist and talented teacher in Robotics and Computer Programming languages.
She is experienced Quality analyst worked for many Software Businesses.
She is also an entrepreneur, owns Smart Pro Kids.
She gives opportunity to high schools students in training the younger in Robotics and Programming Languages.

Parvathi Rongali

Positive energy, Helping nature and Team player are best qualities to describe her. Her major contributions to PFI are

1. Introduce PFI to companies and inviting sponsorship for support
2. Getting sponsors / donors who oblige requests in supporting schools 3. Program director for Robotics program sponsored by PFI to remote villages in India

About Smart Pro Kids

Smart Pro Kids LLC is a business firm established in the year 2019, since its inception is focused in training the younger generations in Information technology and making/assembling/programming Robots that enrich and results in brain development. It has started this program for kids which is most innovative in the present generations and has bright future. Through the program, we teach the kids 1. on how to assemble and program robotics not limited to Ev3 Mindstorm 2. on how to program using the languages such as Scratch, Python and Java


School Name : ZPHS (B) BIBIPET
Principal : K.Y Padmini
Guide Teacher : Arundhati
School Strength : 640



Year : 2020
Laptop (Dell Laptop)
Amount :$ 400.00
Status : Completed
Year : 2020
Amount :$ 310.00
Status : Completed
Year : 2019
Amount :$ 300.00
Status : Completed

Program Details

Program Sponsor : Ravi Devesetti
Program Directors : Parvathi Rongali
Program Instructor : Aravind Garrepally
Program Youth Leader : Srikar Donthula
Robotics Clubs

Youth Leaders

Full Name : Srikar Donthula
School Name : ZPHS (B) Bibipet
Program Name : Robotics
Service Hours : 394654