Ravi Devisetti is Senior Vice President working in Experian believes in Social Service, helps many charities, funds their projects particularly youth leadership programs and that improves infrastructure facilities of Schools. He is an engineer himself and is a sponsor for Robotics Program, helping PFI to reach remote areas of India, educating the young on exploring Robotics and Robotic programming.
Suraj Pabbathi, the founder and president of PFI, is the director for Robotics Program.
Aravind Garrepally, vice president of PFI, is instructor for Robotics Program who travels to remote schools, teaching the young on assembling Robotics and its programming.
For those schools which conducts PFI lead with values program, PFI donates a $ 200 worth computer and $ 350 worth Robotics sets. These young kids who did not even touch enter button of computer, now have privilege of learning advanced technologies.
Find below Schools the list of schools and details of Robotic activities conducted in the schools.

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