Youth Projects

Prepare Youth for the Society:

PFI understands that the nation’s growth is in the hands of leaders and youth. Leader is the one who influences, enlists the aid and support of people for the accomplishment of a common extra ordinary task. Youth is one of the, if not the most important factor in the leadership race. The nation with more youth is proved to develop more. If we can research the potential factors that can develop our nation and guide emerging leaders with the support of experienced professionals, we can flag our country as “Developed Country”. “Everyone take birth and die, but a few leave foot prints. Let us shape the future of India to have many, who can leave foot prints. Agreed! That the task is big, but when big plans can be split up into small steps and take a step right away in the form of small projects, we will be there on some day. PFI achieves one of its missions through Youth Leadership Program.”

PFI fosters youth to evolve as competent leaders under the guidance of experienced professionals and emerge as power to address backlogs.Youth can execute the projects for the society and lead the society through the development. To understand the type of projects that they can execute, one can follow the book below: