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School lacks stage for conducting various programs like
* School Annual Days
* Prayer
*Festivals regional and national and
*Any Social gatherings
Provide infrastructure to schools and strengthen the education programs in India.


ZPHS (G) Bibipet, Kamareddy



Aug 2020 to Oct 2020

  Important Dates

Date Description
2020-08-25 Construction Completion date
2020-09-09 Teacher's Inauguration Date
2020-10-15 Students Inauguration Date
1. Introduce People For India, Explain four pillars
2. Introduce Manohar Jakkula, how he raised money in USA. He raised $17,600
3. Talk about guests on the dias how they contributed to PFI
4. Tell the students/teachers to utilize the services from PFI through
a. Elocution Competitions b. Lead with values c. Youth leadership (Future Support)
5. Thank all the volunteers of Math club
Manohar, Sandeep, Shiva, Ranjan, Shiva, Narayana, Chandra Bhanu, Swarna Muddanti and Suraj
* Prepare Budget * Form a team - Headmaster and Guide teacher * Invitees: Govardan, Sarpanch, Arundati, Principal of ZPHS(B) Bibipet, Balaraju
Two Phases 1. Set up foundation stone 2. Construct actual stage
1. Submit the videos 2. Write a blog 3. Consolidate the videos from start to finish

  Project Review

1. Modify construction date


S.No Item Name Description Cost
1 Construction cost Concrete and Sand 60000.00
2 Banner Banner 300.00
3 Foundation Stone Foundation Stone 4800.00
4 Ramesh Ramesh 500.00
5 Two Times trasnport to bibipet 5800.00
6 Painting for state Painting for state 2000.00
Total Amount 73400

  Team members and Roles with Contact Details

S.No Name of the person Role Name Description
1 Suraj Pabbathi Leader
2 Aravind CoLead
3 Prasanna Lakshmi Head mistress
4 Haripriya B Guide Teacher
5 Aravind Garrepally Member

  Task Planner

S.No Task Name Responsible Due Date Task Status Comments
1 Budget Aravind 2020-06-05 Done
2 Engage Labor Aravind 2020-06-12 Done
3 Manohar Photo Frame Aravind 2020-08-25 Done
4 Banner Aravind 2020-08-25 Done
5 Foundation Stone Aravind 2020-08-30 Done

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