Values Competition

The revolution of our generation is discovery that, human beings by changing their inner attitudes of their mind can change outer aspects of life. Change inner attitudes from selfishness to selflessness, irresponsible to responsible and corrupted to corrupt free. When everyone progress towards maintaining the friendly environment with unity, with respect for each other, with attitude of selflessness, with a motive of social service, when we walk together on ideals, then there will be true progress of the nation. That shall keep up the progress of the nation not only for this generation but for coming generations. When we achieve this, then everyone gets equal opportunity to live, excel and develop. One day we will be listed as the nation of "Developed Countries"

Some quotes on values

"Try not to be the man of success, try to be the man of values' - Albert Einstein "
Action with values, wins people, takes you to heights and leaves powerful impressions" - Suraj Pabbathi
"Education without values, makes a man more a clever devil' - C.S. Lewis

Values can be categorized as

Please refer our book to understand on how to practice values.