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Thank You Note
Oceans apart, all INDIANs are coming together with their services, ideas and monetary contributions to PFI which in turn contributes to the development of India. Each member realized that this is the time India needs his/her services and stretching themselves to contribute to PFI beyond their time and financial limitations. Though it’s in a nascent stage, PFI shall, with all your support emerge as a stronger, deeper and effective influence on India in a positive way and the waves of PFI will permeate to all Indians across the globe India needs YOU and PFI appreciates and thanks you for being part of it. Please continue to contribute to PFI for the development of our India.Contributors
All the ……….members of PFI are contributors either through services

Top Contributor Award(s)

Name Duration  Major contributions
Rohini Nagaram Q1 2011 Designing our websiteIntroducing new membersAdministrator for Swar Music Academy
Sreedhar Gopishetty Q4 2011   Purchasing and Distributing Water purifiersPurchasing and Distributing Elocution MaterialOrdering and Distributing SmartWaveS Documents