Tenet is a principle formulated by PFI for its members to follow. PFI has its special mission that is to imbibe values in people. Before bringing the values to practice by people, PFI wants its members to practice first. This way PFI understands the problems in practicing such value and also every member shall be groomed as a model citizen.

  • Tenet has a purpose explained through DO’s and DON’Ts.
  • One member from every Club represents the Tenet and monitors its implementation.
  • Members who follow the Tenets gets a Certificate of Appreciation upon passing the levels.
  • Members while following Tenets might have concerns, face issues which will be addressed by Tenet owner
  • Tenet will be mapped to a mission and when followed contributes to nation’s progress.

When a member has an idea that can be transformed into a Tenet, he or she will bank it. Management selects an idea from the bank and submits to Tenet Committee for its analysis and transforms it into a Tenet.

Tenet owner will lead and be responsible for the implementation of Tenet. For any help regarding the implementation the Tenet one can contact its respective owner.

The following are the Tenets in practice.

Pay Sales Tax
Refuse Reduce Reuse Recycle Plastic Participate in Avoid Plastic Program
Follow traffic rules