Spoorthy PFI Club is all set to inspire the society with their good deeds.

Spoorthy PFI club is installed on 24-Mar-2013 at Kalyandurgam, Anantpur. We appreciate the Club officers who accepted the role and responsibilities sho shall inspire the people for the better nation. Their good deeds shall be remembered in the history and people shall recognize their selfless efforts.

 President  Sri. K. Sivanna garu  M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil Principal, Hilee B.Ed College, KLD
 Vice President (Activities)  Sri. B. Srisaila garu M.Sc. B.Ed.,  Head Master, Little Roses School, Kld
 Vice President (Values)  Sri. P.R. Ranganatha Sarma garu, B.A. B.L.  Advocate
 Vice President (Membership)  Sri. B. Murali Krishna garu  M.A., M.Ed, M.Phil.  Principal , Jnana Bharathi D.Ed College, Kld
 Vice President (P. R)  Sri. K. Narasimhulu garu M.A., B.Ed  Govt. Teacher
 Secretary  Sri.M. Kondappa garu  M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil  Head Master, Jnana Bharathi High School, Kld.
 Joint Secretary  Sri. C. Sreenivasulu garu   M.Sc., B.Ed  Teacher
 Treasurer  Sri. G.K. Basavana Goud garu M.A., M.Ed., P.G.D.C.A.,  Lecturer, Jnana Bharathi B.Ed College, KLD
 Sergeant Arms   Sri J. Siva Kumar garu  M.Sc, M.Ed.,  Lecturer, Jnana Bharathi D.Ed College, KLD