Smart Waves

Smart Waves — A motivation to assist the needy with information for Studies and Living.
As per PFI survey, there are
– Students who cannot afford basic education.
– Students who discontinue higher education.
– Villages that lack the infrastructure to study.
– People who are ignorant about Health and other support programs.
“The goal is to transform data into information, and information into assistance”
Through this project, PFI will be one stop for information about Scholarship, Sponsorship and Charity Programs by Government and Private Organizations.
Phase I:
– Build information bank about Scholarship, Sponsorships, Charity Programs.
Phase II:
– PFI identifies the needy people and extends its helping hands with right information at right time.
– PFI motivates the children and youth to study by using these programs.
– PFI does justice to Government sponsor programs by improving its proper utilization.