Rewarding ZPHS (Boys) Domakondawith Cooking Utensils

PFI is proud to announce donation of cooking utensils to ZPHS (Boys) Domakonda.  These utensils are used to prepare lunch for children as part of the project ‘MadhyannaBhojanaPathakam’.

Cost of the project:  $150.00

Donor:  HimaBindu Pabbathi, Software Engineer in USA

Beneficiary:  ZPHS (B) Domakonda, India

Mission on Four Pillars
‘People For India’ constantly takes efforts to stand by the children in all the activities they do to become a responsible citizen.  People for India runs on four pillars, Service, Youth Leadership, Practice Values and Support Infrastructure.

MrsHimaBindu Pabbathi is a software engineer by profession working five days a week.  Needless to say, being a woman she is a home maker too.  In spite of staying busy throughout the week Mrs Pabbathi takes her valuable time out during the weekends in conducting piano classes in USA.  She constantly inspires children by sharing her talent with them.  She has been a great support since the inception of PFI.

Youth Leadership Program, Service and Practice Values

The classes were undertaken by the schoolGuide teacher MrVaheed Pasha under the guidance of Headmaster Mr V.Santhosh Kumar.Taking guidance from the book ‘Lead with Values’, introduced by PFI, the school has successfully run various classes to help students overcome fear of public speaking.   Based on training provided, the students were encouraged to participate in the elocution competitions.  Students have successfully implemented what they learnt by participating in the school level elocution competitions conduction in August 2018.

Lectures undertaken include:

  • Art of Public Speaking
  • Avoid Corruption
  • Stores of Great National leaders

Supporting Infrastructure
As we know, government has introduced “Free mid-day meals” to all the government school students.  As part of this scheme, the school cooking staff prepares fresh meals for children every day so that children get to eat fresh food prepared within the campus.  It is most important that the school ensures the food is prepared under hygienic conditions.  It was brought to PFI’s notice that the school has insufficient and age-old utensils due to which they are facing difficulty in cooking as well as serving lunch to the students.  The vessels they have were not enough to serve the increasing school strength.  Moreover, the cooking items were pretty old which may not be meeting the standards of Kitchen and Food Hygiene.  Considering these circumstances, PFI has donated cooking utensils worth Rs.7,000.00 which includes vessels weighing 20kgs in total along with cutlery.There is some administrative cost incurred used for remaining. Now, the school management is relieved of the problem which they have been facing on a daily basis.

A meeting was held at the school premises to acknowledge the help delivered by PFI.  Mr Aravind Garrepally (Vice President PFI) who represented PFI was honored on this occasion.   Headmaster Mr V. Santhosh Kumar appreciated the fact that these funds are being raised by utilizing the time available during the weekends.

Mr Kumar has spoken a few words expressing his gratitude.  On this occasion, he said that the concepts introduced through ‘Lead with values’ are very inspiring for the children.  He feels that if these lessons are undertaken regularly it can boost the leadership values among the children.  He further promised to take out time in educating the children about the importance of leadership values and putting them into practice.

A report on the event by ZPHS (Boys)

The speech was concluded with the following powerful statement:

A leader is someone who can be a role model to the team members.  This can be possible only if a child adopts these qualities right from the childhood.”