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Sports equipment

  • Year  2020

Sponsor details

  • Sponsor Name , Address Shilpa Puli ,

  • Sponsor Photo
  • Sponsor Name  Shilpa Puli
  • Status  Completed

School details

  • Req No 52
  • Reward for ZPHS (G) Ramareddy
  • Reward Address Mandal : Ramareddy, District : Kamareddy
  • Picture
  • Type of Request Infrastructure
  • Date Needed by 2020-05-30
  • Amount$ 370.00
  • Requested By D. Vasantha
  • Designation Gazetted Head Master
  • Why Donation School is known after remarkable achievements in the field of Girls Football Game. School lacks equipment to practice and compete. If school is encouraged with proper sport gear they can do well.
  • Approving Criteria ( 1 ) Science Day celebrations
    ( 2 ) Savitri Bhai Poole 189th Birthday
    ( 3 ) To our Indian orthodox culture traditions
    ( 4 ) Storytelling
    ( 5 ) Peaceful living
    ( 6 ) Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
    ( 7 ) Haritha Haram
    ( 8 ) Eco Friendly Ganesh
    ( 9 ) Motivation Class
    ( 10 ) YOGA practice classes
    ( 11 ) Tree plantation
    ( 12 ) Professor Jayashankar
    ( 13 ) Harithaharam
    ( 14 ) Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
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Project details

  • Project ID 
  • Date of Approval 2020-05-09
  • Approved by Suraj Pabbathi

Other details

  • Date of Donation 2022-03-28
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  • Donation Details People for India,Non profit Organisation.
    Public Forum : Ramareddy Mandal Representative:
    Suraj Pabbati, who runs an organisation in the United States, has been providing basic facilities to government high school students in rural areas of our state with the help of their friends. A variety of prizes are offered by organizing lecture competitions for students with the aim of guiding the society towards the pipe of higher values.
    Since last year, many schools in the zone have been given various prizes on the occasion of various events. As part of that, They came to Ramareddy girls high school a year ago.
    It was then noticed that the safety equipment required for players who were girls playing football on the playground was without shoes dress code. Shilpa Puli, who is a member of their charity, is in the United States for a job as an athlete herself is in America for a job. So the 11 team members who need the girls can buy shoes, socks, dresses, football nets, football, chin guards, safety pads etc. with their own money and today their representative Garepally Aravind Gari provided it for the event. .Village sarpanch Danda Boina Sanjeev, deputy sarpanch Pothunuri Prasad, education committee chairman Ushike Rajender, MPTC member Rajitha Rajender, who bought equipment like net, football, chin guards, safety pads with his own money and presented them today through their spokesperson Garepally Arvind Gari Govt., Mandal Co-option No. Gaus Moinuddin, Village Elders School Principals Lingapuram Balaraju were present.He thanked People for India for its services to the children of the underprivileged who are studying in government schools in rural areas without forgetting the motherland despite going for a very long job.
    Sports Gear Qty Unit Cost Amount (INR)
    Foot Ball 1 400 400
    Net 1 2500 2500
    Shoes 11 550 6050
    Shin guards 11 160 1760
    Pump 1 200 200
    Goal keeper gloves 1 500 500
    Socks 11 100 1100