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Printer & xerox

  • Year  2019

Sponsor details

  • Sponsor Name , Address Manjula Rajesh , 78 Townsend Blvd Westborough MA 01581

  • Sponsor Photo
  • Sponsor Name  Manjula Rajesh
  • Status  Completed

School details

  • Req No 35
  • Reward for ZPHS Enkuru
  • Reward Address ZPHS Enkoor Khammam (Dist)
  • Picture
  • Type of Request Infrastructure
  • Date Needed by 2019-12-21
  • Amount$ 250.00
  • Requested By Rajeswari Bathula
  • Designation Physical Science Teacher, PFI Guide Teacher
  • Why Donation With teaching styles and demands changing every day, one thing that needs to remain consistent is the quality of technology in schools. As ever-increasing importance is placed on technology being used for lessons, interactive whiteboards, tablets, projectors, computers etc. need to prove reliable. Since the budget of the school is not sufficient for provision of each of these at least the deserves to be equipped with basic technology. Regular planning and weighty school reports can put even the most powerful equipment through their paces, but a printer can handle any of these demands. Printer can be one such device which can improve productivity, reliability and help towards a better quality of education at a school. The management of ZPHS Enkuru raised their concern that the teachers come in way ahead of school time to prepare worksheets and study notes for children. When using copious amounts of paper for worksheets, classroom displays, materials to cut out and all kinds of tests, a printer can be of a good assistance. PFI understands the importanceof time and hence decided to encourage them by way of reward the school with an all-in-one printer. This can for sure cut down the time and mistakes involved in the work. Not only this, but with an all-in-one printer, the efficiency benefits are not limited to just printing, as scanning and copying are also sped up there by improving the all-round productivity in a classroom which is perfect for a busy school day.
  • Approving Criteria Completed 8 Lead with values classes
    1. Effect of Alcoholism
    2. Save Water
    3. Sardar Vallabhai life history
    4. Eco friendly Ganesh
    5. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan life history
    6. Abraham Lincoln life history 
    7. Avoid plastic and save environment
    8. Abdul Kalam life history 
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Project details

  • Project ID R20191219
  • Date of Approval 2019-12-19
  • Approved by Suraj Pabbathi

Other details

  • Date of Donation 2019-12-21
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