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Sound System

  • Year  2022

Sponsor details

  • Sponsor Name , Address Sharvani Tota ,

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  • Sponsor Name  Sharvani Tota
  • Status  Completed

School details

  • Req No 121
  • Reward for ZPHS Adlur
  • Reward Address ZPHS Adlur,Kamareddy
  • Picture
  • Type of Request Infrastructure
  • Date Needed by 2022-10-04
  • Amount$ 225.00
  • Requested By A. Bala Goud
  • Designation Head Master
  • Why Donation Z. P. H. S Vadloor School. Why they need donation? Good Evening sir. Vadloor school need sound box for their school. This sound box helps to do programmes in the school. Students and Headmaster and teachers are requested for this donation. Because this school is far of village and when the guests are visiting to the school they are unable to speak loudly before the students. This donation make easy to speak for all. Students are suffering in programmes without soundbox they can not do anything. Without soundbox school can not do any programmes. The school must need this donation of soundbox. Thank you sir
  • Approving Criteria ( 1 ) Environmental Values
    ( 2 ) Lead with values (From Great Leader APJ Abdul Kalam
    ( 3 ) VALUES CLASS
    ( 4 ) Speaking Skills
    ( 5 ) Biography of Abraham lincoln
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Project details

  • Project ID R11142022_4
  • Date of Approval 2022-11-14
  • Approved by Suraj Pabbathi

Other details

  • Date of Donation 2022-11-21
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  • Donation Details END is not end in fact end means Efforts Never Die. As a part of this students give their great efforts during the lead with Values classes. By the help of youth leader they conducted 7 lead with Value classes such as Leadership values, A project on values, Environmental values, How to give an effective speech, Water pollution, Citizenship values etc. For this great efforts Sharvani Thota mam given a donation for the school. On 21th November people for india conducted a programme of donating a soundbox in Z. P. H. S Vadloor School. In this programme school H. M Bala Goud sir and youth leader pooja and teachers, students are participated. In this programme youth leading request for them to do lead with Values and get good infrastructure from donars. Donars are ready to give donation but we are log in do the classes. This programme is encouraging the students and Teachers are very happy to get this infrastructure and students are expressed their opinions on the dias. Iam very happy to do this programme. Thank you for sharvani thota and I promised to find good youth leader for PFI.