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R. O water purifier

  • Year  2022

Sponsor details

  • Sponsor Name , Address Vinathi Sangepu Kudumuri ,

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  • Sponsor Name  Vinathi Sangepu Kudumuri
  • Status  Completed

School details

  • Req No 118
  • Reward for KGBV RAJAMPET
  • Reward Address KGBV RAJAMPET, Kamareddy
  • Picture
  • Type of Request Infrastructure
  • Date Needed by 2022-10-04
  • Amount$ 320.00
  • Requested By A Sreevani
  • Designation Head Master
  • Why Donation A basic need for students is drinking water but Our school is lack of it.
    Students are drinking tap water which involves chlorine and when comes to odor the most irritating is that of hydrogen sulphide.
    it smells like rotten eggs. and it is unhealthy to the students.
    Strength of the school also decreasing due to lack of pure water. So we decided that water purification is an investment in their health. Water purification can not only help remove harmful containment but also improve the taste, smell and visual appearance of drinking water.
    It reduces the amount of chlorine, soil residue, and organic and inorganic substances. so, Your donation of a water purifier can purify a million students life.
  • Approving Criteria ( 1 ) About how to give speech ( 2 ) About Cyber ambassador ( 3 ) About hindi diwas ( 4 ) Kaloji Jayanthi Celebration ( 5 ) Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ( 6 ) Eco friendly Ganesh ( 7 ) Introduction Class
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Project details

  • Project ID R1012022_4
  • Date of Approval 2022-10-19
  • Approved by Suraj Pabbathi

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