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Sound System

  • Year  2022

Sponsor details

  • Sponsor Name , Address Dinesh Tadepalli ,

  • Sponsor Photo
  • Sponsor Name  Dinesh Tadepalli
  • Status  Completed

School details

  • Req No 114
  • Reward for ZPHS Amaravaram
  • Picture
  • Type of Request Infrastructure
  • Date Needed by 2022-09-10
  • Amount$ 250.00
  • Requested By P Srinivas
  • Designation Head Master
  • Why Donation Each and every school should conduct the assembly as part of the system. In this assembly, pupil sing national song, national anthem along with pledge, morning news, proverb etc. For this purpose portable amplifier needed. If school want to conduct weekend elocution programs or other programs, amplifier is useful to conduct them effectivly. As being a rural area the power cuts are usual. Then this device is much good for school. after receiving this device, we will conduct the programmes regularly. Even now a day s also conducting but not much effective. Apart from the academic, cocurricular like quiz, elocution, singing, and stage plays are the perfect tools in shaping the personality of students.
  • Approving Criteria ( 1 ) Sarvepally Radhakrishnan ( 2 ) వక్తృత్వ శిక్షణా శిబిరం ( 3 ) మొదటి ప్రసంగం ( 4 ) Ice Brake ( 5 ) Abraham Lincoln ( 6 ) Sardar Vallabhbhai Pate
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Project details

  • Project ID R20221109_02
  • Date of Approval 2022-09-11
  • Approved by Suraj Pabbathi

Other details

  • Date of Donation 2022-11-17
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  • Donation Details NA