PFI Team

Introducing PFI Team

Suraj Pabbathi, Founder and President.

After travelling through different countries, learning differenttraditions and cultures, wanted to do something for human kind, chosen to contribute towards Youth Leadership program and build society based on values.

“Many of us take birth and die, but only few leave foot prints, let us build many who can leave foot prints.”

Aravind Garrepally, VicePresident.

Very hard worker, dedicated and instrumental in building the foot print for PFI in India, helped to reach many schools and realized numerous projects.

PFI is very lucky to have this person.

Lakshmi Narayana Ragipindi, Secretary.

A man with kind heart, stands in front with kind donations and key person in building PFI MindTree Math club, a fundraiser for helping the schools and villages in India.

Manohar Jakkula, Math Teacher.

A beautiful mind, intelligent and Traditional person who believes in contributing to People For India as it addresses at the foundation level. Dedicated and friendly teacher helping the students understand Math and raise funds for the projects of PFI.

Shiva Pabbathi, Math Teacher


Youngest of PFI Family, budding teacher wanted to help people of India and at the same imparting education in math @ USA to aspiring kids.

Madhavi Lata Vemula, Lead With Values  Manager.

Instrumental in adding the life to words, helping the emotions to reach people and kindle the spirit in hearts for contributing towards building a good society based on values with true leadership.

Sravan Avuladoddi, PFI Spark associate


Kind at heart, Sensible and results oriented. He is resourceful and capable of doing many things to work. He is a selfless team player.

Hima Bindu Pabbathi, Piano Teacher Fundraiser.

USAA software engineer by profession working five days a week.  Needless to say, being a woman she is a home maker too.  In spite of staying busy throughout the week.

Mrs Pabbathi takes her valuable time out during the weekends in conducting piano classes in USA.  She constantly inspires children by sharing her talent with them.  She has been a great support since the inception of PFI.

Sunita Ramnani,Violin Teacher

Fundraiser, USA

Shiva Chakilam 

Procurement Manager, USA

Parvathi Rongali, Promotions Manager, USA


She is instrumental in promoting the organization to raise funds by introducing PFI to companies in USA.

Ravi Devisetti, Liasion Officer Fundraiser, USA


Senior Executive Vice President, Experian (a consumer credit reporting agency that collects and aggregates information on over one billion people and businesses).

He is the Sponsor of Robotics Program for all schools in Telangana.

He created a medium where PFI can work and collaborate with other non-profits that has similar goals.

The organizations that we collaborate are

1.       PURE

2.       DNF NRI Khammam