img0We have sacred mission to strive, noble heart to support and we need similar people in India. We have started the organization in Connecticut, USA, and we want member base in India, not for the namesake, but true patriots.

PFI members in USA donated the water purifiers while prospective members in India bag the opportunity to distribute the water purifier to Schools on behalf of PFI.



The reasons for donating the water purifier are

  • It is the investment for society not for the individual.
  • It stands for years which does not last for a day.
  • It is for future citizens of India, the needy school children to support health.
  • Of course to earn true members.
School Photographs
Guru sankalpam(school for mentally retarded children), Shivam road, New Nallakunta, Hyderabad

Principal of Guru Sankalpam School


Our PFI member Venkatesh with Principal and Water purifier in the background.

Polpunapally Primary School, Hanwada Mandal-Mahboobnagar, AP

Water purifier is being distributed by PFI member in India


Harish Chinthi is introducing the organization.

Sri Jyothi High School, Bathaiapalli, AP

Eswar, US member of PFI donating the water purifier in India.


School children in the corridor, we believe their health is safe now.

SC Residential CREDS (Center for rural education and development), Gorantla, Ananthapur(Dist), AP
Govt Jilla Parishad High School, Kurli Talupula, Ananthpur, Andhra Pradesh

Gangisetty is distributing Waterpurifier.


Our future citizens’ health is safe now.

PFI Contributors: 

  • Eswar Kapadam, Balaji Pabbisetty, Suraj Pabbathi and PFI from US donated the Water Purifiers.
  • Rohini Nagaram and Hima Bindu Pabbathi from US have spread the word about PFI and introduced the Members.
  • Sreedhar Gopishetty from India helped in choosing the best water purifier and distributed to all the members across AP.
  • Venkatesh Thirunagari, Sameer Adina, Sandeep Yadiki, Gangisetty and Harish Chinthi distributed the water purifiers to schools of AP.
Sreedhar Gopishetty

Sreedhar Gopishetty is the medium of PFI to penetrate into the society. He is Aero modeler, President of Leo Club participated in numerous Social Service Activities.


Gangi Setty, a teacher and social worker experienced the hunger and social problems that are common in Anantpur and made his goal in life to find sustainable solutions that would benefit the people and the ecosystem.

Through this project we gained friendly relationships with other organizations that includes Green Tree Foundation and Sahasra Foundation.

This project is an important milestone in the history of PFI,
•   as it gained the trust and service of members
•   stands for inspiration for many
•   earned good will from society
•   provides a medium for PFI to get into the public

PFI appreciates and thanks all who have supported the project and made it huge success.