Mind Tree Program Highlights

Every month a program is designed for the Children to either exhibit their talent surprising Parents or have fun.

At Mind Tree not only children learn ā€˜nā€™ exhibit their talent, but even Parents have the opportunity. For every program a parent is volunteered to be the anchor and run the show. Parents also prepare activity sheets, prepare for the speeches. Of course! Mind tree staff will be encouraging parents and kids to run these shows.

The following are the programs conducted by Mind Tree

Listen to Us: Children need constant encouragement and little perks in exhibiting their talent. This is the first program in the school history, where children

Danced for rhymes, bollywood and tollywood beats.
Given their ice breakers introducing themselves, conquer the fear of speaking in front of the groups.
Attended the quiz in Encyclopedia bits, a journey to manifest from ordinary to intelligent.
Identified the shapes unlocking sparkling spatial intelligence.
Visit our Gallery: Listen to Us anchored by Soujanya Pabbisetty, a home maker, resident of CT, USA whom we admire her for Parenting skills.

Learn with Fun: Education should go hand in hand with Fun because people rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing. Mind Tree with the help of Parents, opened Game stalls enjoyed by both Parents and Children. Concept is based on Just play, have Fun, Enjoy the games.

Visit our Gallery: Learn with Fun anchored by Hima Bindu Pabbathi, a home maker, resident of CT, USA famous for her helping nature.

Kids Movie:

Building Snowman

Fun Games

Wonder kids

Performance in Diwali at TAGD