Mind Tree – A Foundation school for kids

A fund raiser by PFI laying foundation for kids with teaching aids taught by Infant Siddha Program. Kids understand the world through Parents and teachers. Through Mind Tree we designed the program that brought Parents and Teachers together to nurture the Childs’ 8 intelligences.

We believe everyone are born with a spectrum of intelligences

At Mind Tree kids are taught 8 intelligences and perfect world.

1. Linguistic Intelligence: English, Telugu and Hindi Words, Rhymes and Phonics.
2. Logical/Mathematical Intelligences: Numbers, Counting, Encyclopedia bits, Puzzles and Additions.
3. Musical Rhythmic Intelligences: Singing, humming, Chanting the Songs and Rhymes.
4. Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligences: Dancing for Tollywood, Bollywood and Rhymes. Aerobics, Skipping, Paper cutting, Origami, Free hand drawing, Preparing their own snacks and Painting.
5. Spatial Intelligences: Identifying all shapes, tracing all kinds of lines, Learning Geography and about Heavenly Bodies.
6. Naturalist Intelligences: Living things and their life cycles. Habitats with their living habits and adaptations. Outdoor activities includes learning by seeing, touching and feeling.
7. Intrapersonal Intelligences: Introduction of Gods and Tradition. Meditation along with Basic Disciplines. Taking care of personal things.
8. Interpersonal Intelligences: Enacting dramas. Team work Games like building Snowman, Storytelling, Day outs to Parks, Movies and Restaurants.

Mind Tree Gallery and Program Highlights

PFI Contributors:

Prasad Munduru named the school as Mind Tree and started it along with Suraj Pabbathi and Vasavi Chakilam. His initiative, the Mind Tree represents the Tree of Knowledge and Wisdom to impart the education to kids and lay their Foundation.

Vasavi Chakilam, whom we recognize as “Women of substance”, is teacher for Mind Tree. Her creativity, dedication and hard work are par to excellence. She is the key to the success for the program. She has been pied piper winning the hearts of children, molded them and surprised the parents with the results.

Suraj Pabbathi student of Infant Siddha Program is the principal of the school. He prepared the prospectus included the syllabus and program details. His experience from Teaching background along with meticulous planning and creativity paid the results.

The staff of Mind Tree extended their efforts selflessly towards the motive of the organization. They raised the funds that shall be utilized by the organization to instill the values in people and encourage leaders. This act shall stand in history and inspire many.