Met Collector and additional collector of Bhongir District

Day 2: 7/15 Met Collector and additional collector of Bhongir District.Collector: Sri Pamela Satpathy IASAdditional Collector: Sri Deepak Tewari IAS* Our kind deeds reached their hearts and got the opportunity to meet collector and addl collector.* Able to discuss on various issues for 90 mins. 1. Develop reading habits in students by setting up Mobile Library (Van).2. Show inspiring movies to kids so they can dream high.3. Infrastructure issues faced by Anganwadi. 4. Improve our literature in Lead with values book by including stories of leaders who are alive. 5. Identify youth leaders from schools and give them training to serve society. * Got permission to set up PFI Conference in Collector Building on 7/20 Wed. * We are inviting 192 school principals to collector building. * Our program “Lead with values” is officially approved by Collector of Bhongir. * We shall help as many schools as possible with the help of teachers, volunteers and donor.* We can prepare youth leaders, teach values to students and finally provide infrastructure facilities to schools.