Meet DEO of Bhongir and Yadgiri District

Day 2: 7/13 – Met DEO of Bhongir and Yadgiri District* Please understand it is not easy to reach to the level of DEO and present your organization for so long time.* Hierarchy Teachers>>Principals>>MEO>>DEO>>Collector* He listened to the entire concept of PFIYouth Leadership >> Prepare Patel and Naidu from students, Practice Values >> Save earth, Personal values and Citizen valuesGet infrastructure to schools >> Encourage the students to create the medium between students and teachers, otherwise education system collapses. * We discussed his life achievements, family and pain points of education system. * Many people helped us reach to this levelTeachers, Principals like Krishna (MEO), District Secretary like Andal, Aravind Garrepally and others. The most liked concept or our organization by him are values and providing infrastructure.