LV Class Details

Year 2021 Mandal Garla
School Name ZPHS Gopalpuram Activity Name Day 2 Summer Camp - Youth Leadership
Head Master Name M Ramachendru Guid Teacher Name B Rajeswari
Date 2022-04-28
About Program
Today is the second day 28/4/2022 ZPHS Gopalapuram school organized a second day summer camp for students. Today, The inspirational speech for the students taught by Rajeshwari Madam and Ramachandra Sir. The next Elocution Competition was held in which 1st Gopi Chand, 2nd Hemalatha and 3rd Bhargavi 10th class are the winners. The People for India organization was given gifts to the winners. Afterwards a rally on save environment was organized by the students. Finally the teachers and students are thanking to people for India organization for designing the event.

2019-2020 Year All LV Class List of the school is ZPHS Gopalpuram

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Day 2 Summer Camp - Youth Leadership
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