Lead with values Tracking

PFI achieves its missions through Youth Leadership Program, because we need leaders. Leaders are not born they are just made with sheer will and hard work. PFI introduces a book “Lead With Values” penned by Suraj Pabbathi in schools. The program needs two teachers Guide Teacher and PR teacher appointed by school management. Guide teacher shall teach the concepts from book where students get to learn leadership and PR teacher arranges the logistics needed.
In return to those schools which conduct our program, we promise to reward with a infrastructural facility
This book illustrates the program “Lead with Values”
where it teaches Youth leadership the following
• Stories of Great Leaders
• Characters of a Leader
• Public speaking
• Practice Values
Also provides youth opportunities
• To think about the society
• Give back to society
• Do something for the society through outdoor activities
• To Raise Funds
• To listen to successful people in the society