Frequently Asked Questions

1. PFI through leadership program when transforms and motivates an individual to practice the leadership skills, up on completion of the program, if individual do not pay back, what will PFI do?

PFI shall have moral bondage with youth to pay back for the society but cannot or do not or shall not force youth to pay back to the society.PFI strongly believes in ‘whatever we put in nature will be returned’ that is when it had sowed seeds of youth in the society; they are going to be germinated but may take time.

2. The mission looks hard to be achieved and appears near to impossible, also it will take time, and do members have patience and enthusiasm to keep the progress of the work?

Apart from main mission, PFI plans short term goals that are achievable, simple to execute as per the members ability. The taste of success will keep the enthusiasm and team spirit.

3. Can leaders be prepared, as normally leaders are evolved from the society? What would be PFI’s contribution?

There is leadership quality to some extent in every individual. When an individual passes through difficult situations, also has an attitude to win, then as per his abilities individual evolve as leader. Some people are born leaders, where clearly the qualities can be identified through the actions and deeds.

PFI provides a platform to those emerging leaders, brings them closer to work in integration, gives best possible guidance by the experienced of country. PFI encourages their efforts to reach for masses.

4. Can I watch for the activities of PFI for sometime before joining?

Yes you can watch the activities in many ways.

Join PFI Orkut Community page hence can watch what is going on?, participate in the discussions.

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5. How old is PFI?

PFI has started on 23-Apr-10 and is in initial stages. Right now focusing on improving membership, building the process, website and short term goals.

6. Can an individual be a member from remote place?

Yes, he can work remote and also away from country. PFI has a special portfolio, where it distributes work to remote people whose efforts are well planned, utilized and executed.