Elocution Competitions

surajPFI understands that the nation’s growth is in the hands of leaders and youth.
“Many of us take birth and die, but a few leave foot prints. Let us shape the future of India to have many, who can leave foot prints.
Encourage speaker in youth a power of chance
One of the important leadership qualities is how best you can address the public? This shall help the leader to
communicate with large audience and be successful to bring in the change that is intended for.
Youth shall learn how to formulate, express and sell their ideas, be confident. Youth will improve their ability to listen
and evaluate other’s ideas, and learn leadership skills along the way.
Find below the details of the schools participated in Elocution Competitions conducted by PFI

Year School Name First Winner Name Class Second Winner Name Class Link
2022-Aug ZPHS Kunur D.Ramcharan 7th class B.srivarshini 6th class.
2022-Aug ZPHS Kollur Shravan kumar 10th Srija 9th
2022-Aug ZPHS Vankamamidi Spandana 9th Gouthami 9th
2022-Aug ZPHS Jiblakpally Akshitha 7th K. Sairam 8th
2022-Aug ZPHS Puligilla K Vaishnavi 10th G Sunanda 10th
2022-Aug ZPHS Kuntlagudem M.Hasini 6th K.Harshitha 6th
2022-Aug TSMS Choutuppal 10th 9th
2022-Aug KGBV Banswada S.Varalaxmi 9th A.Bhavani 9th
2022-Aug TS MS narayanapur N.manisha 10th CH.KALYANY 10th
2022-Aug BC (G) res motakondur(mjp) Poojitha 9th
2022-Aug ZPHS Dacharam shanthosha 10th lokeshwari 10th
2022-Aug ZPHS Motakondur pravalika 10th Ramya sri 10th
2022-Aug ZPHS Ikkurthy Dhanalakshmi 8th Nandakishore 10th
2022-Aug TSRS (B) Sarvail Janva 10th Banuprasad 10th
2022-Aug ZPHS Peepal pahad K.Nikhitha 10th A.Vijaya sree 10th
2022-Aug KGBV Gundala E.Chandhana 9th
2022-Aug ZPHS Repaka d K.Shushma 10th M.Umamaheshwari 10th
2022-Aug TS MODel school Ramya sree 8th Pragathi 7th
2022-Aug TSWR (B) Mothkur B Vikram 10th m karthik 8th
2022-Aug ZPHS Yadagiripally pw L.Jahnavi 10th Naziya 6th
2022-Aug ZPHS Srinivasapuram Lahari 9th B Vaishnavi 9th
2022-Aug ZPHS Pedakandukur K Swetha 10th Samad 10th
2022-Aug ZPHS Chada D Anusha 10th M Laxmi prasanna 10th
2022-Aug ZPHS Vankamamidi U Manisha 10th K Harika 9th
2022-Aug ZPHS Vastakondur M Manasa 10th SK Usaman 10th
2022-Aug ZPHS Janampally M Aruna 8th CH Ashiya 8th
2022-Aug ZPHS Jaikesaram Manasa 8th Nandhini 9th
2022-Aug ZPHS Indrapalanagaram Srinidhi 10th
2022-Aug ZPHS Choutuppal Manasa 9th Krupa 9th
2022-Aug ZPHS Peddapadishala Manoj Kumar 8th G Pranitha 8th
2022-Aug ZPHS Masaipet K Mahalaxmi 10th K Radhakrishna 10th
2022-Aug TSMS Pochampally A.Sahithi 10th K.Supraja 10th
2022-Aug KGBV Valigonda K.Swathi 10th S.Saraswathi 10th
2022-Aug ZPHS Maqdumpally J.Bhanu vardhan 10th J.bindu 6th
2022-Aug ZPHS Sarvail V.Sravani 10th V.Sindhuja 10th
2022-Aug TSREIS (G) Choutuppal K.Sruthi 10th prathisha 10th
2022-Aug GHS Gunj Bhongir B.Spandana 10th T.Spoorthy 10th
2022-Aug ZPHS Bujilapuram S.Pallavi 10th K.Dhanujay 7th
2022-Aug URBAN Res (B) Bhongir Syamala Eshwarkumar 8th Kanchi sravankumar 8th
2022-Aug ZPHS Battuguda B.Jashwant 10th B.pravalika 9th
2022-Aug ZPHS Koyyalagudem Nishitha 10th Vikas 9th
2022-Aug ZPHS Kondamadugu H.Soni 10th Chikka Niharika 9th
2022-Aug KGBV Pochampally B.Siri 10th E.Sravya 10th
2022-Aug ZPHS Kuntlagudem CH.Prasanna 7th V.Sushma 9th
2022-Aug ZPHS Golankonda J.Bhagya 10th J.Akshya 10th
2022-Aug ZPHS Khapraipally Md . Juberia 6th D. Goutham chary 6th
2022-Aug ZPHS Gujja
2022-Aug CSI HS alair M. Arun 7th CH. Navyasri 6th
2022-Aug ZPHS Kolanupaka K.Rakesh 10th K.Sreeja 9th
2022-Aug KGBV Addagudur M Mounika 9th J Aishwarya 9th