Elocution Competitions

surajPFI understands that the nation’s growth is in the hands of leaders and youth.
“Many of us take birth and die, but a few leave foot prints. Let us shape the future of India to have many, who can leave foot prints.
Encourage speaker in youth a power of chance
One of the important leadership qualities is how best you can address the public? This shall help the leader to
communicate with large audience and be successful to bring in the change that is intended for.
Youth shall learn how to formulate, express and sell their ideas, be confident. Youth will improve their ability to listen
and evaluate other’s ideas, and learn leadership skills along the way.
Find below the details of the schools participated in Elocution Competitions conducted by PFI

Year School Name First Winner Name Class Second Winner Name Class Link
2021-Nov ZPHS Rajpally G.Prasanna 10th K.Bindu 10th
2021-Nov ZPHS Wariguntham Madhulatha 9th Shravani 9th
2021-Nov KGBV Kulcharam Y. Roopa 10th K. Swetha 10th
2021-Nov TSWRIS JC(G) Medak B. Shravya 9th B. Rani 10th
2021-Nov ZPHS Kulcharam P Bhavani 9th S Ram charan 7th
2021-Nov ZPHS Amsanpally G. Deepika 10th K Ruchitha 10th
2021-Nov ZPHS Yenagandla B Bhavani 10th K Rajitha 10th
2021-Nov ZPHS Karimnagar P. Navya 10th S.Mahesh 10th
2021-Nov ZPHS Kurthiwada K Sravanthi 9th N Bhavani 9th
2021-Nov ZPHS Burugupally E.Ruchitha 9th H.Varsha 10th
2021-Nov ZPHS Rajpet B. Anushka 9th P. Renuka 9th
2021-Nov TSMS Shankarampet-r Akshaya 9th G. Vinay 10th
2019-aug ZPHS (B) Kodad SK.SAMEERA 9 th E.M A.RAJESH 9 th.E.M
2019-aug S.V ZPHS Valigonda K Siri 7th
2020-Jan GHANPUr
2020-Jan ST PATricks hegh school
2020-Jan ZPHS Boys domakonda
2020-Jan MRC MOthkur
2020-Jan ZPHS Sadashivanagar
2020-Jan MRC YAdagirigutta
2020-Jan S.V ZPhs valigonda
2020-Jan MRC MOtakondur
2020-Jan ZPHS(B)kalwakurthy
2020-Jan ZPHS Madgul
2020-Jan ZPHS Bramaram
2020-Jan MODEL high school
2020-Jan GHS MOulali
2020-Jan BHAVITha center bhongir
2020-Jan ZPHS Thurkapally
2020-Jan ZPHS Gundala
2020-Jan ZPHS Haveli ghanpu
2020-Jan ZPHS Boys
2020-Jan ZPHS Uppalwai
2020-Jan ZPHS Kodad
2020-Jan ZPHS Enkoor
2020-Jan GOVT Hs ramannapet
2019-aug ZPHS Mothkur N.poojitha 9 th B.vamshikrishna 10 th
2019-aug ZPHS Pahilwanpur Dedeepya 9 th D.Rakesh 10th
2019-aug ZPHS Mothkur N.poojitha 9 th B.vamshikrishna 10th
2019-aug ZPHS Datharpally Bhavitha 9 th Shivakumar 7 th
2019-aug ZPHS Parupally
2019-aug ZPHS Peddapadishala A.Maneesha 10th R.Purnachander 9 th
2019-aug ZPHS Parupally
2019-aug ZPHS Naginenipally Ch.Rekha 10th G.USHA 10th
2019-aug TSMS Thurkapally
2019-aug ZPHS Golankonda
2019-aug ZPHS Siripuram T. Vaishnavi 10th B. Uma 10th
2019-aug ZPHS Nagilla N.Vivek 10th CH.Shilpa 10th
2019-aug ZPHS Anantharam A.ANUSHA 10th K.Sowmya 9 th
2019-aug ZPHS Siripuram K.Mamatha 10th P.Pavani 10th