Digital Classrooms for ZPHS Uppalwai

Yet another project successfully completed by PFI supporting ZPHS Uppalwai in setting up digital classrooms.

 Cost of the project  $500.00
 Donor  Shiva Pabbathi studying 10th Grade in USA.
 Beneficiary  ZPHS Uppalwai, Nizamabad, Telangana, India

People For India believes and contributes for development of the Society. Thrives with its four pillars, Service, Youth Leadership Program, Practice Values and Support Infrastructure to achieve its goal.

A story of “Help those in need who help the society through infrastructure”.

Youth Leadership:

Shiva Pabbathi, a tenth grader invests his time and efforts with only one motive learnt from PFI, help the society growing. He comes forward to teach Math to young kids in USA, raises funds for PFI’s mission. Along with the program, he learns leadership qualities like communication, discipline, service

Service, Youth Leadership and Practicing Values:

Mr. Govardhan Reddy, Principal of ZPHS Uppalwai serves in conducting Youth Leadership Program and instills values in the Young by conducting various PFI awareness programs.  Developing ethics in children is one of their motives.

They have successfully conducted:

  • Elocution competitionsà Helping the youth find their voice.
  • Haritha Haramà Teaching the young to plant trees and keep the surroundings clean.
  • Awareness rally à A rally was conducted in the village with slogans on Saving environment by avoiding Plastic.
  • Lead With Values Program
    1. By narrating stories of great leaders
    2. Inviting Guest lectures helps the school children learn from real time experiences of successful people in society.
  • Career Guidance

Photo Gallery of the activities conducted in ZPHS Uppalwai

Elocution Competitions conducted in the school

De Warning day observed in lieu of Saving Environment

Haritha haram Rally

Lead With Values Classes being Conducted

National Voters Day Rally

Elocution Competitions

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Service and Recognition:

Government funds were just enough to raise a building without sanction for wiring.  This leaves the building with no electricity.  Looking at the effort put in by the school management, PFI came forward to donate funds.  Aravind Garrepally Vice President and Madhavi Vemula Lead With Values Manager together executes the donation. Students now get to enjoy digital facilities to be provided by school.

Reciprocation from School:

ZPHS Uppalwai had recently held a felicitation ceremony to honorMr. Aravind Garrepally (Vice President PFI), who represented PFI.  PFI has issued a cheque amounting to Rs. 31,282.00as a reward to ZPHS Uppalwai on successfully conducting classes based on ‘Lead with Values’ book as a part of their curriculum.

The ceremony was held at the school premises to thank PFI for having stood by them.  The assembly was in presence of the school staff, students and press.  The stage was further shared by Mr Govardhan Reddy (Head Master ZPHS Uppalwai), Grama upa-sarpanch, MPTC, Society Director, BDC Chairman, School SMC Chairman.

Mr Govardhan had expressed his gratitude stating PFI is playing its partin bringing their dream to a reality.  He has appreciated that PFI has voluntarily approached the school and promised to offer support before even a request was raised by the school.

In view of Mr Govardhan, it is highly impossible to achieve thorough development of a school with just government funds and that this is possible only through help from the society and NGOs like PFI.

The school staff believes that various concepts introduced via ‘Lead with values’ book has abetted children gain confidence and practice values which they trust will further lead the child to become a good leader.  With the support of the school staff, the students have successfully taken up 25 – 30 programs suggested by PFI, within a period of just one academic year.

The Head Master is pleased that their students have better understanding of the importance of maintaining discipline and adapting leadership values.

They were impressed by Mr Suraj Pabbathi (Founder and President) who has helped many schools in India in spite of himself staying in USA.   Mr Suraj has introduced various programs to inculcate values among children as part of his contribution towards the society.

The meeting concluded with a special thanks to the donor Master Shiva Pabbathi.  They were awestruck when they came to know that the kid has raised the funds by taking Math classes during the weekends and used the earnings in a great cause such as this.  Siva is now a role-model for them as he set a perfect example of how the thinking and actions of a good leader should be.

Mr Govardhan has assured that the funds provided will be utilized towards setting up a digitalized classroom and the students have in turn reassured to make the best use of the facilities created for their benefit.

Finally, we are pleased to write that Mr Govardhan Reddy has come forward to take up the responsibilities as an ‘Area Chairman’.  We wish and hope he will be successful in spreading the message PFI wants to convey to the youth of India.