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  • MonthFebruary   
  • Year2021  

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  • School NameZPHS (B) Bibipet   
  • MandalDomakonda  


This pprogramme held on 18th february 2021 in Bibipet Boys High School .People For India introduced a programme that is '' Book Clube ''this book club will help to the students to know the values and gain the knowledge. Why can we start this book club? because students to habituated to the reading of books and they will gain the knowledge from the books .''KNOWLEDGE IS LIKE A GARDEN IF IT IS NOT CULTIVATED IT CANNOT BE HARVESTED''.In the book club the books like Freedom Fighters, Enveronmental books, Social books, moral stories books etc. The book is given by People For India leaders to the students the students must and read the books and to know the matter and give a wounderfull speech. You can submite video through the social media and the speech is contain 5to7 minutes time limit. The chief guest are village sarpanch and school chairmain. School management also participate in this programme. ''ONE CHILD, ONE TEACHER, ONE BOOK, ONE PAIN CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.'' THANK YOU

School Name : K Madhu
Class : 10th
Book Name : Bharathiya raithangastidi gatulu
School Name : T. Kruthik
Class : 10th
Book Name : Prapanchani marchivese nuthana avishkaranalu
School Name : P.Nithsh
Class : 10th
Book Name : Pakshuku
School Name : MD.Jahangir
Class : 10th
Book Name : Prapanchanni mariche nuthana avishkaranalu I
School Name : Y.Lakshmi prasanna
Class : 9th
Book Name : Bhoomi enduku gundranga undi
School Name : Class : Book Name :
D. Harish Kumar
Prapanchani marche nuthana aviskaranalu
Thenali ramakrishnudu
Jhansi rani katha