Arise Awake (Lead With Values)

 In earlier days, there used to be a period “Moral Science”, which teaches the children Values and practice them. Young children used to get motivated with the program and try to stick with values. And when they get opportunity they used to pay back to the society with small contributions.   With the advent of new Technology, Modern world has different aspirations and demanding new expectations. This requires new leaders and participation of youth. When youth are trained well, they can be groomed to lead a new world which shall cater the needs of the society.

The following Schools have agreed to the program and introduced a period “Lead With Values”.

Name of the school address period Major contributors
Krishnaveni Talent School Hyderabad 2014  Garrepalli Aravind
Alpha High School Hyderabad 2014  Garrepalli Aravind
St. Patrick’s High School Hyderabad 2014  Garrepalli Aravind
St Francis High School Hyderabad 2014  Garrepalli Aravind

This project “Arise Awake” defines the syllabus which shall be introduced in the schools and colleges in the name of “Lead With Values”. As a part of syllabus, Teacher

  • Narrate the stories of Great Leaders: Nothing to teach especially, the life of great leaders stands as testimony for them to understand the characters of great leaders. This legacy shall motivate them to be successful in their own life and also pay back to the society.
  • Teach them Public Speaking:One of the important leadership qualities is how best you can address the public? This shall help the leader to communicate with large audience and be successful to bring in the change that is intended for.
  • Motivate the young to Practice Values:As foundation is important for the House, so as the values for the society. Values are themselves profound, when practiced, leads to a new world with happiness. They can be categorized broadly as Personal, Environmental and few defined by the Governments.
  • Personal: Sincerity, Honesty etc… Environmental: Live and let live, Avoid Plastic etc… Defined by the Government: Follow Traffic Rules, Pay Sales Tax etc… When we teach them at very young age, it shall yield a healthy and purposeful society.
  • Help the youth to participate in Outdoor activities:Outdoor activities is practical approach to theory being taught. Through the program they interact with the public and do well for them. The act itself motivates the public to lead with values and defines the purpose of life. It shall teach the traits of leaders and aspire young leaders.
  • Raise funds for good cause:Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving. It is the expression of confidence on what they want to achieve and believe. Fundraising is a wonderful way to accomplish two very significant goals at the same time. The first is to get involved and meet new people. The second is to raise money to fund enrichment programs for students and special requests from staff through the ways and means.

This program needs two teachers. A Guide teacher and another Public Relations Teacher

Guide Teacher Public Relations Teacher
  • Teaches topics from the book to the Youth
  • Teaches public speaking
  • Records the progress of the youth.
  • Read PFI News
  • Allow youth to share their achievements
  • Invites Guest lectures who lead an example life in the society.
  • Plans outdoor activities
  • Submit the progress to PFI