About KGBV Project

We are living in a society where there is no basic infrastructure in schools.

  • The worst and toughest punishment is to sit on the floor for education.
  • Students not able to concentrate on lectures as legs are crammed.
  • The greatest evil is leaving the youth with spinal injury.
  • Lower back pain can cripple youth.
  • Difficult while sitting on the floor particularly during periods.

This project supports 8 KGBV schools in India by providing them benches giving them the right to education with basic infrastructure facilities. KGBV school stands for Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya

1) KGBV Mothkur
2) KGBV Bhongir
3) KGBV Addagudur
4) KGBV Narayanpur  
5) KGBV Gundala
6) KGBV Athmakur(m)
7) KGBV Bramaram
8) KGBV Choutuppal  

Budget for the project:

Number of students in need for benches per school: 90

Number of students a bench can accommodate = 3

Number of schools = 8

Cost per each bench = Rs 2500

Remember the help you would have got from unknown person it could be freedom fighters or nonprofit organizations or your relatives,

Be the help you would contribute to building a healthy society, that is encouraging future citizens, our schools girls, once they concentrate on studies, they can possibly become successful, can not only stand on their feet to support their families, but also to many others,

Give the opportunity to your Rupee a RIPPLE EFFECT and have a lasting positive effect on the society.

See below pictures where students are sitting on the floor and having trouble of concentrating on studies.