2019 Rewarding Wiring for electricity to Zphs Boys Reddypet

ZPHS Reddypet, Ramareddy

In order to assist the students reach heights, PFI has introduced various concepts based on leadership qualities in a number of schools.  ZPHS Reddypet is one such school located in Ramareddy that is availing the opportunity.  PFI believes that the whole enterprise of education is linked with the development of values.   

Youth Leadership Program, Service and Practice Values

Head master Mr Basavarajuwith the help of theGuide teacher Mr Anil Kumar have conducted various classes on ‘Lead with Values’ so that the students can better understand the importance of values at a young age.  As part of the program, the students have actively participated in the elocution competitions held at school level as well as mandal level.  PFI has successfully conducted classes and educated the children on Robotics as well which is usually accessible only to the students of schools in the cities.  The students have even successfully undertaken projects from the project dictionary designed by PFI.

Supporting Infrastructure

The school management has put forward their grievance listing the difficulties the children and staff are facing due to lack of electricity in the school premises.  It is a disheartening fact that quite a few social institutions in rural areas do not have access to electricity even in these days.  Many rural schools use artificial light to provide classes during cloudy days.  This leads to inferior education services in comparison to the institutions where electricity is not a problem.  If schools have access to electricity, classes can be run smoothly as children can concentrate on the lecture rather than wiping the sweat out.  Next to the improved conditions for reading and studying of school children, there are maybe other impacts of electricity in schools.  Furthermore, modern electronic technologies and media, such as projectors, internet, computers, printers, etc., can be used for educational purposes.  PFI wishes to support the school by rewarding them with necessary equipment to ensure power supply.