2019 Rewarding Soundbox to Zphs Annaram Ramareddy

ZPHS Annaram, Ramareddy

ZPHS Annaram has been an active participant in the projects and classes introduced by PFI.  They are quite impressed with the concepts involved and they feel that they have noticed increased confidence in the children after including ‘Lead with Values’ in their curriculum.

Youth Leadership Program, Service and Practice Values

Head Master Mr Mahender along with the Guide teacher Mr Srikant have made sure that ‘Lead with Values’ be given equal importance so as the other subjects.  They feel that classes on values and other areas of study go hand in hand.

Few of the concepts introduced to the students at their school are:

  • Telangana udyama charitra
  • Samakalina prapanchamlo vidyardhula patra
  • Savitribai Phule Jayanti
  • Computer – Maa medhassu
  • Aadhunika prampanchamlo science

Need of Infrastructure

Whether you need to address an assembly, utilize stage monitors, hold elocution competitions, or be heard on a sports day, your school must have a decent audio system which should be able to provide you with the functionality and flexibility to keep up with the demands of a busy school.

As with most schools in the current situation, money is very tight, and every rupee needs to be watched upon.  ZPHS Annaram is a school that was in a dire need of a good audio system.  The school has always taken appropriate steps to create opportunities for their students not only in academics but also in arts where children can recognize and showcase their talents.

PFI understands that quality sound is vital in the education sector, whether it’s for something as complex as a performing arts production or as simple as a class assembly.  It is important that students who practice the arts and want to perform must be heard, right to the back of the room, for maximum impact and for their hard work to pay off.

Considering this, PFI has offered a free sound system including a microphone ensuring that the equipment does not stand as a hindrance in an overall development of a child.