2019 Rewarding Sound System Donation at TSMS Shankarampet-R

ZPHS Shakarampet-Rhas been consistently holding classes to introduce various concepts about social values and leadership skills via the book ‘Lead with Values’ circulated by PFI.  Not only is the school impressed by the topics listed in the book but also PFI also is quite happy with the way they have taken this up involving the students.

Youth Leadership Program, Service and Practice Values

Head Teacher Ms N Sreedevihas included ‘Lead with Values’ as part of the curriculum to bring awareness in the students about various concepts and also has encouraged students to put them into practice.  Students have very well adapted the principles and are aware that these could bring significant raise to their career.

Few of the social concepts and stories of great leaders introduced to the students at their school are:

  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
  • Swami Vivekananda
  • OddirajuSodarulu
  • Speaking Techniques
  • Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
  • Importance of values

Need of Infrastructure

Sound systems at schools can enhance learning and school spirit.  They are designed to ensure that everyone in the building is capable of hearing a message loud and clear, whether it is delivered to the entire school or focused on the occupants of a particular room.  With the use of this audio technology, teachers can speak in a conversational voice so that all students can hear them more easily.  This can ease out the teachers’ vocal strain too.  Recent studies validate classroom audio as a proven tool that can overcome adverse classroom conditions, providing students with enhanced speech recognition and much improved opportunity to learn.  Sound system is now recognized as one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools for student listening enhancement.

As with most schools in the current situation, money is very tight, and every rupee needs to be watched upon.  ZPHS Annaram is a school that was in a dire need of a good audio system.  The school has always taken appropriate steps to create opportunities for their students not only in academics but also in arts where children can recognize and showcase their talents.

PFI understands that quality sound is vital in the education sector, whether it’s for something as complex as a performing arts production or as simple as a class assembly.  It is important that students who practice the arts and want to perform must be heard, right to the back of the room, for maximum impact and for their hard work to pay off.

Young children spend 75% of their school day involved in listening activities.  Their primary channel for learning is hearing.  The better children can hear, the more they can learn.  For maximum learning to occur the teacher’s void must be highly intelligible to every child.

Keeping this in mind, PFI has promised to offer sound system including a microphone to ZPHS Madgulas it believes that classroom audio can in many cases reduce a child’s sensitivity to distractions.