2019 Rewarding Computer to ZPHS Indrapalanagaram Ramannapeta

ZPHSIndrapalanagaram, Ramannapet

The students of ZPHS Indrapalanagaram, Ramannapethave worked well in implementing various concepts introduced by PFI.

Youth Leadership Program, Service and Practice Values

Head Master, Mr Pandu and the Guide teacher MsNirmalahave done a great job in introducing a variety of concepts from the ‘Lead with Values’ book and the Project Dictionary published by PFI. 

Few of the concepts introduced to the students are:

  • A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
  • Upanyasamu – okaavasaramaina kala
  • Viluvalu

Supporting Infrastructure

The school has decided to introduce computer education to the children.  PFI feels that a computer is a most important educational tool for teachers as well as students.  It was felt that this will help the children in self-training themselves in catching up with modern day technology.  The students will be able to explore their creativity and imagination skills.  PFI understands that easy accessibility of a computer to the children will help solve many problems and hence felt the necessity of presence of a computer within the school premises.

Mr Aravind Garrepally (Vice President PFI) has introduced Robotics to the students as PFI feels that Robotics is something that should not just be confined to the cities but has to reach the students in the villages as well. As part of the programme, the teachers will be trained initially who can further teach the students within the school hours.  With the access of a computer in a classroom, the children can now practice the Robotics lessons without much difficulty.