2019 Rewarding Computer to ZPHS Boys Kodad

ZPHS (Boys) Kodad

ZPHS (Boys) Kodad is one of the schools in Andhra Pradesh that has an excellent academic track record.  Now that the school has adopted PFI programs, it has proved that their students not only excel in academics but also in other social activities molding themselves to become future leaders.

Youth Leadership Program, Service and Practice Values

P Krishnaiah, the school head master with the help of guide teacherRajaram, have conducted various classes teaching the concepts from the ‘Lead with Values’ book and encouraged children to step forward and participate in public speaking events such as elocution competitions.  Few of the topics chosen for speech as well as the concepts introduced to the students include:

  • Health & Hygiene
  • Environmental Care
  • Women Empowerment
  • Role of youth in the modern society
  • Girl education
  • Road safety rally on the occasion of drivers’ day

Photo Gallery of the activities conducted by the students

Supporting Infrastructure

When it comes to computing, rural schools are at risk of being left behind.  Most kids in rural areas are unfamiliar with the concept of computers, which goes on to highlight the status of education being provided to students in government schools.  PFI believes that computer-aided learning has the power to transform education in a fundamental way.  Although the school realizes the importance of making computer education as a compulsory subject at school, it is a very big challenge to many schools in rural areas as they cannot afford to own computers unlike the schools in urban areas.  Hence, PFI has come forward to reward the school with a computer aiming to wipe out the digital divide among the rural and urban students.