PFI believes in donating infrastructure, and is one of the main pillar of the organization. There are many reasons for believing donation of the infrastructure is the best way in serving human kind

as this lasts for generations
• does not go to any individual so it stays selfless and reaches many lives
• used by any giving equal opportunity for everyone,
-> that does not differentiate rich or poor, -> does not differentiate between religions.
• shall stand as a symbol for development
• is not perishable
• donors shall be remembered every time it comes in use
• motivates the society to be social

Whenever there is a need or the request comes to PFI, we advertise to near and dear one’s in USA to give them opportunity to serve human kind.

“Without infrastructure we are not just social” — Suraj Pabbathi

Water Tanks Water purifiers Furniture Library Facilities
Projectors Computers Band Sets Wiring for buildings
Microscopes Cooking Utensils Tree guards Robotics Sets
Boards Printers Sound box Painting the buildings
Mike sets Books Bathrooms Many more …

Year School Name Need Amount Status Sponsor Name Link
2019 ZPHS Boys Bpet Soundbox 150.00 Completed Kalyan Upadhyay
2018 Z.P.H.S(B) Domakonda Cooking Utensils 100.00 Completed Hima Pabbathi
2018 ZPHS (G) Bibipet Computer 260.00 Completed Parvathi and Trinadh Rongali
2018 ZPHS Ameenabad Tables 270.00 Completed Manohar Reddy
2018 ZPHS Uppalwai Equipment / Wiring for electricity 455.00 Completed Shiva Pabbathi
2018 Telangana State Model School, Pochampally Printer cam xerox machine 260.00 Completed Navatha and Hari Chinnamaneni
2018 ZPHS Ganapavaram Mike and Soundbox 100.00 Completed Navatha and Hari Chinnamaneni
2018 Krishnaveni Talent School Printer cam xerox machine 231.00 Completed Navatha and Hari Chinnamaneni
2018 ZPHS Gidde Electricity item / wiring 216.00 Completed Suman Gajavelly
2019 ZPHS Padmajiwadi Printer with scanner 250.00 Completed Raj Mamidi
2019 People For India Almirah 200.00 Completed Hima Pabbathi
2018 25 schools Elocution competitions 334.00 Completed Suman Gajavelly
2018 ZPHS Ameenabad Class room tables and tab tables 200.00 Completed Manohar Reddy